You don’t have to be a barber to use Wahl tools, you just have to start thinking like one!

Be the master of your tools and the artist of your canvas. If you aren't using the right clippers and trimmers as a part of your regular salon practice then you may be falling behind. Barbering is here to stay and is experiencing a high demand, epic boom in the Hairdressing industry regardless of your background. Learn, refresh or re-invent the core techniques of successful precision cutting and popular barbering trends.

Clipper cutting isn't an option anymore, it's become a market driven staple in our industry. Don't let money walk out your salon’s door because you aren't confident to offer the latest men’s cutting techniques. See Wahl’s range of tools in action providing the most requested looks & best finishes.

Jake Putan shares his super cool how-to techniques, tips & tricks to get you thinking and producing work like a barber. Discover your inner barber and be inspired at this sure to impress look’n’learn event. Understand the difference between clippers and blades and how they cut. Learn how to cut a taper and fade and how to apply these techniques to all hair types. 

This Look & Learn Education Session covers:

  • Clipper care and maintenance
  • Understanding your canvas
  • How to choose and handle the right tool to achieve your vision
  • Tips for blending, avoiding and correcting lines
  • Extensive tapering, fading and clipper over comb techniques, including how to know when to taper or fade and proper positioning
  • Cutting a 2”-3” long mens cut, working with and ensuring correct positioning of a part
  • Cutting a tapered hairline (low, medium, high and bald)
  • Cutting a faded (natural) hairline (low, medium, high and bald)
  • Creating texture to enhance or remove bulk


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Justin Howley